#OMP50 Series: Celebrating half-century of passion

OMP turned 50. In 1973, in a suburb of Genoa, Italy, the company was founded to improve safety in auto racing. Since then, OMP has been growing bigger, stronger, a well-known brand around the world. Today OMP is one of the pillars of Racing Force Group.

During all these years, OMP worked alongside legendary drivers, teams and manufacturers in the most important categories, providing protection and performance, becoming an icon of the modern motorsport era.

In its first 50 years, OMP has always wanted to innovate and push the boundaries of what was possible in motorsports safety, setting new benchmarks and contributing to numerous world titles and countless victories.

While we begin our second half-century, we launch for you a new series of 10 episodes to dive into the history of this legendary brand.

#OMP50 Episode 1: Everything began in a train station

#OMP50 Episode 2: The racewear challenge

#OMP50 Episode 3: When OMP became worldwide famous

#OMP50 Episode 4: A decade full of world titles

#OMP50 Episode 5: At legend Michael Schumacher's side

#OMP50 Episode 6: Fasten your seatbelts for the new era

#OMP50 Episode 7: OMP on the big screen

#OMP50 Episode 8: Starring again in the WRC

#OMP50 Episode 9: The creation of Racing Force Group

#OMP50 Episode 10: OMP is getting bigger and bigger